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Real Estate is Booming

Affiliated real estate agents,& BoA provides extensive coverage for members wishing to invest in real estate.

BoA can provide an interest free line of credit with first or second mortgage security to enable members to purchase property. With the trade dollar deposit of 30 to 40 percent of the sale price most properties are positively geared which provides members with additional cash flow for their business.

As BoA members obtain trade dollars by the provision of goods or services to other members, the actual cost of their trade dollar is quite often substantially less than a cash dollar. For example, a printer with vacant press time may fill the vacancies by joining BoA and taking trade dollars for brochures, business cards, etc.

As this vacant time previously created no income, the trade dollars are a bonus to the business with the only cost being ink and miscellaneous items. If the costs and BoA fees amount to 40 cents then this provides the member with a substantial discount when buying real estate. So, the BoA member, by using trade dollars, has achieved a $60,000 equity in the property with a real cost of only $24,000 - a substantial incentive for property investment.

Rebuilding, slow sales, speculative business investments and over-penetrated markets are just a few reasons for the consolidation-taking place in real estate.

As the inventory of surplus real estate grows, holders of commercial and industrial real estate are forced to keep millions of dollars in holdings because of an unwillingness to absorb the losses associated with selling at depressed or liquidation prices. However, those holdings still retain tremendous inherent value. That value can be unlocked and full liquidity achieved through corporate trading.

Through the use of trade credits, holders of real estate can recover the full value of their assets, regardless of the economy. BoA International acquires under-valued real estate at full value in exchange for trade credits. This credit significantly reduces the cash required to purchase quality media, goods and services the client was prepared to pay for with cash. By viewing distressed real estate in the same manner as manufacturers see excess inventory, companies can benefit from corporate trading.

Real Estate Case Study
In one real estate transaction, BoA purchased 12 dark gas stations. The client had bought them during a high cycle in the real estate market during the 1970ís and when they didnít do well, they closed them. However they were trying to sell them during a cycle that was much lower.

Since the client grouped these 12 stations together, there were varying market values for the stations. Some were worth 80% of what the client acquired them for some as low as 15%. The entire portfolio together came out to 30% of appraised or book value.

BoA paid appraised or book value. The client took no loss whatsoever and received full value for the 12 stations. They used the credits for spot television, spot radio and long distance telephone. It allowed them to avoid taking a loss and, at the same time, got rid of some of their most problematic locations. More impressive is the fact that they used their entire trade credit in a very short time.

The second example involves a lease. A packaged goods company had signed a 7-year lease at a time when the real estate market in their town was doing very well. However, during the course of the lease they changed the structure of their business to a more decentralized operation and therefore no longer needed headquarters to be in a very beautiful and expensive location. So impressive was the site that it was inflated almost 45% higher than comparative, current lease sales.

BoA paid the company the full amount of the lease obligation. Then, a subtenant was found who would take over the space at current conditions. The manufacturer therefore took no loss on the gap between what the market was paying and what their obligations were.

The client used the credit for consulting services, computer leases, trucking, cable, radio and magazine advertising. They used 2/3 of the credit in the first year.

Real Estate Trading Strategies
Why Choose BoA?

Product Quality -- Unparalleled track record and reputation for using trade credits.

Size and Resources -- Allows BoA to effectively create real leverage and trade on clientís behalf.

Service and Commitment -- Allows client to structure its own "best transaction".

Flexible Transaction Structure -- BoA enters into only those transactions it can execute.

Serving Real Estate

As companies with real estate holdings continue to consolidate their efforts and focus on the most profitable locations, many companies are facing questions of what to do with individual sites that are not performing or not part of future plans. Industry-wide restructuring has resulted in corporate downsizing, leaner companies and the need to find new ways of finding inherent value within companies.

During the 1980ís, companies opened locations built or acquired at then-market value. Because of the changes in the market place, those assets are valued at a higher level than they can be sold for without taking drastic losses. That places companies in the position of being forced to retain their holdings.

BoA acquires real estate at up to full book value in the form of a trade credit. The client then utilizes that credit to purchase the advertising, goods and/or services they normally buy for all cash -- at the price they normally pay.

In the restaurant industry, for example, franchisers and franchisees no longer have to maintain holdings that have lost their value. Restaurant companies can recover the full value of their holdings and use the trade credits received to reduce the cash required to purchase media, and/or goods and services necessary in their businesses.

For real estate fully or partially on trade using BoA dollars:


Barter currency was used in a real estate transaction and the real estate/barter sector was born.

While planning to start our barter system our research showed that real estate deals were made using trade currency as consideration. Unfortunately most transactions were arranged by unlicensed individuals, exchange owners and their trade brokers. A trade brokerís job is to arrange to buy or sell on behalf of barter systemsí members using trade currency.

We discovered that trade brokers would list the properties owned by members and arrange for a trade not realizing that, by acting as an agent for another in the transaction, they were performing acts for which a real estate license is required.
We saw this as a serious problem for both industries but particularly for the public. People were participating in real estate transactions without the benefit and protection of real estate, licensing and agency laws.

Our company has and is campaigning aggressively the barter industry to bring attention to the problem by exposing the risks and liabilities. We directed our campaign to the barter industry and to IRTA, the industry main Association.

We have made major advances in this area and many of the leaders of the industry are familiar with our plan, understand the need for it and are enthusiastically waiting for its implementation. They also know that, if properly implemented, it could greatly benefit all barter systems participating.

To better understand our program we need to look closely at the best and most efficient system in the world, The WIR Bank.

REOT is the link to the real estate industry. We insure compliance to the real estate and licensing laws by insuring that licensed agents perform each task for which a real estate license is required.


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Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officer:

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Remodeling With Barter
What your premises and dťcor tell customers about your company are likely to affect your bottom line. Let BoA shows you how barter can help offset costly remodeling bills and improve your profits.

The appearance of your work place creates an impression about the quality of your products and services, and even the way you run your business. Experts agree that it may even effect your bottom line. Customers take notice when businesses - especially retail stores, restaurants, and hotels - look more updated, fresh and exciting. Newness sells!

Office space is no different. Offices need to exude success. It's also a proven fact that office surroundings affect the production of your staff.

No business, retail or otherwise, should go more than seven years without making an appearance change. Depending on the image you want to convey, makeovers can be extensive or as simple as a coat of paint or a new sign.

The face-lift of your property doesn't have to be limited to the interior. BoA can also help improve your exterior with lush landscaping, asphalt seal coating, roofing, windows and more.

Don't put off updating your work place just because you don't have the cash to invest in it. Membership in BoA -offers you the wonderful alternative of paying for what you need with what you have.

BoA has numerous vendors to meet your needs - from building contractors to furniture suppliers and everything in between. Contact us today and have a new look tomorrow!

Contact BoA about giving your company a barter face-lift!


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