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BoA offers these and more, so you can select Barter Broker Services to fit your Trading style.

See the full range of what we offer:

  • BoA's OnLineTrader™ offers Thousands of Trade Leads available with no fees from prominent National and International Traders.
  • BoA brokers are salaried-commissioned employees. Their compensation does depend upon their clients' trading activity or assets acquired via barter..
  • BoA offers personal service. Get priority access to a dedicated team of BoA trading specialists who get to know you and your individual trading needs.
  • BoA representatives can give you face-to-face barter financial advice to help you trade wisely. We can also refer you to a Local independent Barter broker advisor.
  • BoA provides day or night broker access by phone, in addition to our branch network and Web site.
  • BoA Signature Services Program offers priority phone access, complimentary research, and Barter trading tools.

We also offer special commission discounts for active traders.

Enlist the help of a BoA expert who is committed to promoting your business. Ask to be on their "push" list. Our creative trade brokers develop trade opportunities beyond the obvious. They also have the latest information on members with products and services that could benefit your business. Successful BoA traders find frequent communication with their broker essential to profitable trade transactions.

Our Field Service Representative is assigned to your market area and is evaluated on the amount of new business you receive. They’ll bring neighboring business on board that you wish to sell to or buy from. Recommend a new member to your Field Service Representative and you could be eligible for a referral.

Contact them:

  • Via email:
  • Via mail:

    Barter of, Inc.
    237 S. Sierra St. Suite
    Reno, Nevada 89501

  • Via telephone: 702-516-8208

Please allow three (3) business days for a response to your inquiry.

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