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What can the Qualified Lead Express-QLE do for me?

The application of trade leads is currently a very important ingredient of the sales volume segment of the Barter Industry. For buyers, trade leads provide great opportunity to drive costs down by selecting and purchasing from a competitive set of vendors, even if they are from a different Exchange, while the benefits to sellers are greater power to discover purchasing requirements.

As a trade lead source, BoA provides buyers and sellers with a user-friendly Internet-based lead-sourcing tool that enables you to announce buy/sell offers, find prospects and make contacts to get new suppliers/buyers.

But what make us different are that you can:

  • Save your time
    We have created a pool of trade-leads so that you can explore a huge number of trade-leads in just one site. This can save up to 80% of your sourcing time.
  • Post as many trade offers as you like
    You can post as many trade messages as you like to broadcast your selling/purchasing requirements to worldwide companies in The Barter of America community. This is an effective channel to meet alternative business partners.
  • Have product pictures next to your trade leads
    To create a more-attractive trade-offer, you can post a 360 x 360 pixel product picture next to your message.
  • Search effectively using "Intelligent Search"
    Get only what you are looking for by putting sets of keywords with logical operators such as + to include a keyword, - to exclude a keyword and "" to get only search results containing an exact phrase - "keyword1 keyword2," just like when you use the world's top search engines so save your time and energy.
  • Find fresh leads every day
    You will find fresh trade leads posted on the Internet every day. Be the first to know and be the winner.
  • Qualified- Lead Express (QLE)
    Save more time! With our notification system, the optimal mailing service, that provides your trade-lead information upon items, categories, countries, etc. Just leave your keywords and other conditions then let us email all matched leads to you.
  • Save your money
    Basic members can use fundamental functions - posting leads with images, viewing brief details, Qualified-Lead Express, etc. at no cost while Corporate members will have to pay at an inexpensive cost that is only $99.95 for 1,000 lead details picked by you (10 cents/lead detail) and full services.
  • Save your effort
    Leave the whole tedious process of finding qualified leads to us. No more reading through each trade lead just to know that it doesn't match your need. Our "Intelligent Search" will screen out those leads not exactly matched so you can read only prospective ones.

Barter relationships are based on value and trust. Treat your fellow Trading Partners the way you want to be treated. The golden rule is even more important when trading. Be a barter advocate. Share your barter knowledge and help your fellow Trading Partners. Return calls and email promptly, fulfill what you promise, and tip well. If you are new to BoA, your fellows Trading Partners are as interested in your success as you are. Make contact and make friends. That's what BoA is all about!

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