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The Barter trade economy is the fastest growing economy in the world today. Operating a BoA City Brokerage Owner gives you double the opportunities:

You'll have the most dynamic force in the trade economy behind you - BoA & As a City Brokerage Owner, you'll run your own business with reduced risk levels.

BoA and its City Brokerage Owners are assisting thousands of businesses to grow, increase cash flow, maximize resources, save money and generate bigger profits.

Be a part of the Barter Grown Explosion!

Being a BoA City Brokerage Owner is your opportunity to join one of the most dynamic global businesses today in a major growth industry.

As a BoA City Brokerage Owner, you will control your own business with the support of Barter of America Experts.

BoA has developed and refined a simple business system with wide ranging appeal - a modern version of the age-old concept of bartering.

The benefits you can expect
As a City Brokerage Owner, you will enjoy the following benefits, in addition to cash and 'Trade Dollar' revenue.

The ability to control your own business, which offers the potential for public listing and substantial capital gains. A business which can generate revenue 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Sole and exclusive territory for development & expansion; Interest-free line of credit for local, national and international barter transactions.

Total sales, trading, administration, marketing, training, strategic and service support. Assistance in building business plans and financial modeling. Advice on site selection, human resources and office layout. A "turn key" system including information technology (both hardware and software), training, documentation, operational manuals and ongoing support.

BoA's expanding global presence and branding offers more trading opportunities. And Exceptional earning potential. Using modern business methods, including a world class e-commerce system, the BoA program allows members to purchase and sell almost any goods or services using 'Trade Dollars'. International trading potential enables members to transact internationally as well as use their BoA when traveling around the globe.

A successful license relationship is like a partnership, combining your talents with our experience and systems. BoA can help you avoid the mistakes you might otherwise make in setting up a business alone from scratch. BoA has proven operational systems, training programs, user-ready management and technology. This knowledge might take you years to accumulate on your own.

Great Income

The City Brokerage Owner's primary aim is to secure new members, and to assist members in increasing their business turnover and maximizing their opportunities within the Barter Trading Program.

Each City Brokerage Owner has sole and exclusive rights to operate a BoA Trading Program in a designated geographical area, with an option to sub-franchise in your own territory to accelerate marketshare.

BoA owns all trademarks, computer software, copyright and other intellectual property required to support the operation of the BoA Trading Program. This intellectual property is licensed to trade exchange operators worldwide.

BoA facilitates international trading between members of the Trading Program in each country through the Global Barter System. This system provides BoA Members with trading opportunities among a larger, geographically diverse membership base.

The Internet is of primary benefit to BoA in its ability to generate additional fee revenue through increased transaction volumes and improved customer service. New revenue streams through the creation of new sites, advertising sales and direct e-commerce applications have a positive financial impact on each BoA City Brokerage Owner.

You can generate revenue from these major areas:

New membership fees, membership transaction fees, monthly administration fees on cash and trade Internet marketing and trading commission. Travel Cash fees, Capital growth for your business.

Barter Software.

Why buy barter software for thousands of US dollars when you can operate your own barter exchange with our help? The price includes Internet based barter software, initial installation and hosting. You have the flexibility in operating the system. The fee structures, trade credits and managing your member accounts.

With our proprietary software called TWeb for TradeExchanges, you can establish your own on-line barter exchange. Everything is done automatically on-line, from processing the new member's original application to transactions, authorizations, statements, directory, and more.

Easy to operate. You and your clients can access the software as well as important information like statements, transactions, offers or the directory using any computer with Internet access and a browser like Internet Explorer. There is no need to install any special software on your personal computer.

Management. You can set up whatever fee structure that you would like. Fees can be applied to you members in a variety of ways (cash or/and trade, on the buy or sell side). The commission can be easily divided into 5 other accounts (commission to brokers). Management can set up trade credits with any member.

No headache with technical stuff (servers, hosting, etc.). Software runs on BoA server. You are using software based on ASP (application service providing). You don’t have to be concerned about anything. You are not required to know anything about the technical part of the software. The technical part is handled by BoA partners leaving you free to focus on the needs of your new business.

Common marketplace. Your trade exchange will become part of the BoA marketplace. All trade exchanges using TWeb software can easily do business with each other. They can decide what trade currencies to accept and with which trade exchanges to do business.

Key features of a fully automated system:

An on-line business-to-business Directory, which can be searched by industry, business name, product, service and geographical location. And by barter Currency Accepted.

Online Shopping Mall and Auction room. 24-hour, seven-day network access. Create and book your perfect holiday or important business trip. Real time accounts information and secure payment on-line. Proven password access and security systems. Interactive 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' facility. Hyper-links to member sites for detailed information on member products and services.

Two-way email communication link and education with your Trade Co-coordinator, members and other BoA Operators. Regular on-line updates Real Estate and investment sales and promotion on-line Increased opportunity for fast and instantaneous marketing and promotion Various other on-line services such as Forms on-line, trading tips etc.

Barter of America is committed long-term to developing a strong and robust network.

BoA provides City Brokerage Owner with secondary management and support, through a range of consultancy based and tangible asset based services.

Management Support Services
Barter of America provides a professional range of managementand organizational support services designed to improve the profitability of each licensed country in which BoA operates:

  • Training and comprehensive manuals.
  • Marketing and Communication.
  • Consultancy

Asset Based Services
BoA provides City Brokerage Owner with asset-based services that enhance both the member's and the organizations ability to transact and communicate. Services provided by BoA include:
Software Development, E-Commerce and On-line services.

BoA's City Brokerage Owner training and support programs:

Training: BoA has invested heavily in development of a comprehensive training program that guarantees results. The training covers all major components of the business: Sales. Marketing Trading. Human Resources. Management. Financial. Administration systems and technology Internet solution.

Ongoing Support
TWeb is a long term partner who provides on-going support and advice in the development of your operation.

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