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You've just taken a step toward expanding your media budget. Why utilize cash reserves for advertising again? Using your trade dollars for advertising can bring you new cash customers.

Quality advertising is one of the most basic needs of every business. BoA has developed a multitude of media advertising opportunities for its clients. Among these are radio and TV stations throughout the Nation plus numerous billBoArd companies, direct mail distributors, magazines, newspapers, periodicals and a host of national advertising venues. Our media department is staffed by several seasoned professionals who will help you develop your own personal advertising campaign. And since all of this will be available on a trade basis, you will save thousands of dollars because of your barter leverage.

We are committed to trading out and exchanging your excess inventories, space and time to fulfill your advertising requirements.
Media companies have long been known to barter for the products or services that they need.

Our clients trade for advertising at the wholesale cost of their own products and services. They have learned their ABCs... Advertising Bartered at Cost.

Through our membership in the Barter Industry, BoA has affiliated offices nationwide. These affiliated offices, represent over 50,000 businesses nationwide which are part of our extended barter network.

Please take a few minutes to review this BoA Media Guide. You'll discover a host of advertising possibilities, all in a format we hope you'll find easy to read. Remember, we have an experienced team of media brokers eager to assist you and answer any questions. We pride ourselves in providing quality information and the service you demand.


All media purchases MUST be placed through a BoA broker to qualify for barter payment. Do not contact the media directly; direct purchases are subject to cash payment. See "How to Use the BoA Media Guide for additional advertising guidelines.

The BoA Media Guide is intended for clients who want to spend their trade dollars on consumer or business-to-business advertising. It would be well worth your time to read our guide to learn about the many advertising opportunities available to you on trade.

Using your trade dollars for advertising will bring you new cash customers!

  1. Please call only the BoA Media Department to place media buys.
  2. This media guide is only a partial list. Other media may be available to you once you have been cleared for trade purchases.
  3. National media is also available. Consult the BoA Media Department for availabilities in other markets.
  4. With the exception of major newspapers and other media whose inventory tends to be sold out, BoA can often open new advertising resources for you at your request, as long as you do not already have a cash history with them.
  5. If you are now paying cash to a particular media vehicle and you want to trade with them, we can sometimes negotiate a trade increment over and above your current cash contract. Like any client, media companies want BoA to bring them new business, not convert their current, past or prospective cash clients to trade customers.
  6. Our media professionals are continuously adding new advertising sources to the BoA membership base. Please contact the BoA media department to stay updated on new opportunities as they arise.

Advertising is not merely another business expense- it is an investment in building sales volume. The future of any business is directly influenced by its ability to set up an advertising strategy that sets it apart from the competition. Advertising is the most controllable way for telling consumers what you want them to know and when you want them to know it. Barter affords participants a way of implementing advertising, without affecting cash flow. Barter is a dynamic, potent, and essential weapon for the marketing of businesses. Pay for advertising with the new barter income BOA provides.

Q & A's on Barter Advertising Opportunities

I'm interested in advertising on outdoor billboards. Can I obtain them on trade?
Yes, depending upon availability, BoA has access to billboards throughout the Northeast Ohio area. back to top
I'm interested in reaching a very targeted market. Can I reach my targeted market with barter?
Yes, BoA will work with you to access the best media vehicle to suit your specific needs.
back to top
I'm interested in advertising on a national level. Is this possible with BoA?
Yes, BoA can acquire media throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada on a barter basis. back to top
How much will an advertising campaign cost?
BoA can customize a media package to suit your needs and budget. Just let us know what is in your advertising budget for a specific ad campaign and we will put together a customized package, subject to your approval. back to top

I am currently a cash customer on some of the radio stations that BoA has available for trade. Will I be able to switch my cash schedule to trade?
Generally speaking, no. If you have been a cash-paying client with a media source within the last 12 months, you will be unable to barter with that source.

You may, however, be able to barter for any incremental time (over and above your standard cash schedule). This decision will be totally up to the media source and handled on an individual basis. back to top

I want to advertise, but I don't know which media vehicle will best promote my company. Can BoA assist in helping me to spend my advertising dollars?
Yes, BoA has several professional advertising agencies available for trade. They can simply advise where to spend your advertising dollars or provide you with a complete, custom advertising campaign to suit your needs. back to top
Will BoA secure specific media for my needs?
We'll try to secure whatever advertising vehicle you need on a barter basis. Just let us know your needs and we'll immediately get to work on them. back to top
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